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Tax Consulting

We provide comprehensive support and tax advisory services to entrepreneurs, their employees and management, including a comprehensive risk assessment and analysis of tax implications of a given transaction.

Tax advisory services include:

  • daily support in solving tax problems,
  • providing tax information and opinions
  • drafting requests for interpretation of tax law,
  • drafting requests for a protective opinion
  • drafting requests for WIS (Binding Rate Information),
  • assisting in completing tax declarations PIT, CIT, VAT,
  • advising on excise duties, fees and customs duties,
  • advising on inheritance and donation tax and tax on civil law transactions (PCC),
  • advising on local taxes and charges, including real property tax,
  • developing a tax strategy taking into account the changes from 2021 onwards,
  • analysing contracts and other documents in terms of tax burdens,
  • analysing tax implications of business transactions,
  • legal representation in tax and administrative court proceedings,
  • representation during tax inspection, and customs and fiscal inspection,
  • advising on tax options with regard to restructuring measures, such as mergers, divisions, transformations,
  • assisting in establishing or changing the business model,
  • comprehensive tax audits (VAT, CIT, PIT and other taxes),
  • due diligence within specific transactions,
  • advisory activities aimed at the elimination of tax and penal/fiscal risks,
  • training sessions for companies, their employees and management on current tax law changes.

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