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Debt Collection

We offer services pertaining to debt collection, even during pre-trial monitoring of timely debt repayment. We do not charge a commission on collected receivables, which is undoubtedly advantageous to the finances of our clients. We cooperate with debt collectors from all over Poland to minimise the costs of debt collection as much as possible while maintaining high efficiency of our services in this area.

Debt collection includes:

  • monitoring the timely payment of amounts due from business partners;
  • drafting and sending out requests for payment;
  • negotiating with the debtor to work out amicable settlements at a pre-trial stage;
  • drawing up petitions in simplified proceedings by writ of payment,
  • drawing up petitions in electronic proceedings by writ of payment;
  • filing motions to secure a claim;
  • executive proceedings, including actions connected with the disclosure of assets by the debtor;

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