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Bankruptcies, restructuring and liquidation

We offer comprehensive legal advisory on extra-court restructuring, judicial restructuring proceedings, as well as support for managers in the event of insolvency, including

  • advising on the decision to initiate restructuring proceedings, taking into account the benefits and consequences as well as the limitations of such a procedure, minimising the risk of civil and criminal liability.
  • advising on the liability of company management in connection with insolvency, whether actual or looming, in terms of personal, financial and criminal liability.
  • advising on the selection of the best type of restructuring proceedings for the client (proceedings for approval of an agreement/accelerated composition proceedings / composition proceedings / remedial proceedings).
  • verifying client’s documentation in regard to a restructuring or bankruptcy petition,
  • legal representation in bankruptcy proceedings (including so-called consumer bankruptcy), a full analysis of the client’s situation, drawing up of the bankruptcy petition to the court and support during court proceedings and cooperation with the receiver of the bankruptcy estate.
  • advising on the overall action control taken by the receiver, the so-called protection of the bankruptcy estate from depletion.
  • advising creditors on the bankruptcy proceedings of their debtors, filing claims and representation in bankruptcy proceedings, including the filing of objections to the list of claims, complaints and other pleadings, as well as cooperation with the receiver in regard to the release of the assets of the bankrupt estate;
  • advising on the liquidation of a business and handling the liquidation process.
  • preparing legal opinions on bankruptcy and restructuring law.

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