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Procurement within projects co-financed by European funds

We offer legal advice on the procedure for contract awards within projects co-financed by European funds, including the ‘Intelligent Development’, ‘Infrastructure and Environment’ programmes, in order to implement the principles of transparency, fair competition and equal treatment of contractors. Our support includes the following areas:

  • selecting the appropriate procedure for an contract award, including the appropriate allocation of the project expenditure,
  • “market research” or “the principle of competitiveness”,
  • advising on the procedure for estimating the value of the contract subject,
  • carrying out a proper audit, including preparation of the necessary documentation,
  • preparation of the enquiry for quotation and the documents,
  • preparation of the transcript of the procedure,
  • the Competitiveness Database system,
  • the evaluation of tender offers and the decision on the procedure,
  • drawing up an agreement between a beneficiary and a selected contractor,
  • representing the beneficiary before contractors,
  • representing the beneficiary in controlling proceedings conducted by IP
  • interpretation of regulations related to EU funds and public assistance
  • terminology for the multiplicity of enterprises within the SME definition

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